Searching for mantis shrimp in North Carolina
Scientific diving on the forereef in French Polynesia
Spiny lobster molt skin
Off to work, Lizard Island, Australia
Rachel Crane works at Argonne National Lab's Advanced Photon Sourc
Field work in French Polynesia
Scientific diving on the sand flats in French Polynesia
Returning to the boat after a day of work
Team Diver at Moorea Gump Research Station
Mantis shrimp habitat in Panama

The primary goal of research in the Patek laboratory is to examine the dynamic interplay between evolutionary processes and physics. We address this issue in two broad systems - evolutionary physiology of communication in the sea and the evolutionary dynamics of fast animal movements - with most projects focusing on arthropods. Our tools range from high speed videography and acoustics to phylogenetics and physiology. Click Here To Read More


  • AEOP summer internships - Biomechanics of Ultrafast Movements The Patek Lab in the Biology Department at Duke University is recruiting one undergraduate and one high school student researcher through the US Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) during the summer of 2018. The students will... Read More
  • Patek Lab graduate student Patrick Green led a new study published today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B and featured in Duke Today.  Photo by Roy Caldwell. Green, P.A., and Patek, S.N. (2018). Mutual assessment during ritualized fighting in mantis shrimp (Stomatopoda). Proceedings... Read More
  • Patek Lab Manager Gracie Farley presented research at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology's annual conference in San Francisco. Her conference presentation was featured by the journal Science.  Check it out!
  • Through a collaboration led by Duke Mechanical Engineering Professor Chuan-Hua Chen's lab, Patek and Prof. Anne Pringle (U. Wisconsin) have published a new paper in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface explaining the energetics, fluid dynamics, and directional control of... Read More