Guiding Principles of the Patek Lab

The primary goal of research in the Patek laboratory is to probe the dynamic interplay between evolutionary processes and physics. We address this issue in two broad systems - evolutionary physiology of communication in the sea and the evolutionary dynamics of fast animal movements - with most projects focusing on arthropods. Our tools range from high speed videography and acoustics to phylogenetics and physiology. Our five guiding principles are to:

1. Understand the dynamics between physics and evolution in the diversification of organisms.

2. Explore the marine environment and its effects on the evolution of movement and communication.

3. Probe questions and problems that transcend traditional fields of science and stimulate integration of scientific approaches and perspectives.

4. Illuminate new phenomena in biology and deepen our understanding of evolutionary processes.

5. Make our findings accessible to the broader public such that we stimulate interest in science, increase knowledge of biology, and thereby inspire a commitment to and protection of the biological world.