Patek Lab Images

Displayed below are images related to research at the Patek Lab. Images cannot be used for any purpose without prior consent. Click the image to see a larger version.

Spiny Lobster

Spiny lobster molt skin
Spiny lobster - Panulirus ornatus
Lobster Study Participant

Our Lab

Dr. Claverie Gives Outreach Lecture
Trap-jaw ant collaborator Prof. Andy Suarez
Patek Lab outreach
Patek Lab, Catalina Island CA, 2009
Patek Lab snorkeling expedition, Catalina Island, CA
Patek lab, Catalina Island CA 2008
The Patek Lab at UMASS
The Patek Lab at UMASS
New UMASS undergrads collect high-speed video dataset at lab warming party
Interactive tours of our aquarium facility
Taking care of the animals
Joie Yonamine is interviewed for film
Aquarium facility
Mantis Shrimp Thank You Note
Patek Lab Spring 2012: maple sugar time!

Field Work

Team Diver at Moorea Gump Research Station
Returning to the boat after a day of work
Field work in French Polynesia
Scientific diving on the sand flats in French Polynesia
Deploying a passive acoustics device for mantis shrimp sound study
Scientific diving on the forereef in French Polynesia
Catalina Island, CA
Coconut Beach - Lizard Island, Australia
Deploying a passive acoustics device, Catalina Island, CA
Off to sea, French Polynesia
Playback experiments, Catalina Island, CA
A day at the office, Lizard Island, Australia
Collecting sound data, French Polynesia
Off to work, Lizard Island, Australia
Scientific diving, Las Perlas, Panama

Mantis Shrimp

Mantis shrimp strolling about
Hemisquilla californiensis in its burrow
P ciliata amidst algae
O. latirostris eyeballs peeking out of burrow
H. trispinosa eyeballs peeking out of burrow
H. californiensis peeks out of its burrow
L. maculata peeks out of its burrow

Science-Inspired Artwork

Hemisquilla californiensis by Crissy Huffard
Mantis Shrimp by Samuel Heyworth
Mantis Shrimp Rumbles by Erica Staaterman
One thankful Mantis Shrimp! By Patrick Hamilton