• The Patek Lab and colleagues have published a paper in Current Biology that establishes amphipods as an extraordinary system for their ability to produce one of the fastest, smallest, repeated-use movements yet discovered.  Learn about the "behind the scenes" story of this study here. Read... Read More
  • This position has been filled. Graduating? Need a job before continuing to graduate school for scientific research?  The Patek Lab in the Biology department at Duke University has an open position for a full-time lab manager/research associate position, starting spring/early summer 2021... Read More
  • The Rachel Carson Scholars Program provides Duke University undergraduate students with direct research experience in marine science and conservation. Named in honor of Rachel Carson—a marine biologist, author, and conservationist whose work advanced the global environmental movement—scholars will... Read More
  • This position has been filled. Join an interdisciplinary team examining the evolution and scaling of muscle and elastic systems. Based at the Patek Lab in the Biology department at Duke University, and collaborating closely with the Physics of Soft Matter Lab in the Physics Department at Harvey... Read More
  • Graduate student Jason Dinh, undergraduate Joshua Azza, and Patek published a new paper in the journal Animal Behaviour. Dinh, J., J. Azza, S. N. Patek. 2020.  Switching assessment strategies and winner effects facilitate fast and frugal decisions in territorial contests. Animal Behaviour 170... Read More
  • The Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative grant led by Prof. Patek was awarded an extension grant.  This basic research grant funds the five-university team, including the Bergbreiter lab at CMU, Azizi Lab at UC Irvine, Crosby Lab at UMass Amherst, and Wood Lab at Harvard, to... Read More
  • Postdoctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Biomechanics This position is closed. The Patek Lab at Duke University seeks the unifying principles that guide, limit and promote the evolutionary diversity of biomechanical systems. Our research yields discoveries of new biological phenomena, original... Read More
  • Prof. Patek was selected as a Bass Fellow and awarded the Mrs. Alexander Heymeyer Professorship.   The Bass Fellows program recognizes Duke faculty members who achieve "true excellence in both research and teaching, and are good university citizens". Duke's Office of Undergraduate Education... Read More
  • POSTDOCTORAL JOB OPENING: Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Researcher in Comparative Biomechanics This position has been filled. The Patek Lab at Duke University leads a five-university interdisciplinary research team devoted to establishing the principles of extremely fast movement in small... Read More
  • Patek lab postdoc, Dr. Sarah Longo, will begin a Visiting Assistant Professor position at Towson University in Fall 2020. She will teach some of the courses that inspired her to pursue a career in higher education: Introduction to Ecology and Evolution and Evolution.
  • Ph.D. student Jason Dinh was awarded a Fellowship in Graduate Studies from the Crustacean Society! This fellowship will fund his research into the chemical mechanisms underlying winner and loser effects in snapping shrimp contests.
  • Jacob Harrison, a PhD Candidate in the Patek Lab, received two Duke Graduate School Fellowships this year – a Bass Instructional TA Fellowship and a Bass Instructional Instructor of Record Fellowship. He is looking forward to the opportunity to teach and work with undergraduates! Jacob also... Read More