Lab manager position open in Patek Lab! (filled)

Graduating? Need a job before continuing to grad school in comparative biomechanics research?

The Patek Lab in the Biology department at Duke University has an open position for a full-time lab manager/research associate position, starting early summer 2019. This position is approximately 50% aquarium animal care and administrative support, and 50% research in the area of biomechanics/evolution/engineering/mechanics. This position is suitable for recently-graduated undergraduates who need an extra year of research experience before applying to graduate school. It is not suitable for gap year pre-medical students, given that this position is geared toward research apprenticeships for future basic research scientists or engineers.

If you are interested in applying, please upload a cover letter detailing your interest in the position, the Patek Lab research program, and any relevance to your career goals/interests. Please also include your CV/resume, unofficial transcript and the names/contact info for three references.  These materials should be submitted to Academic Jobs Online.

The salary will be approximately $17-18/hour or ~$37,000/year.

Job applications are reviewed continuously.  There is not a set deadline for job applications, so it is best to submit as soon as possible.  

Inquiries about the position should be sent to Prof. S. Patek,

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