Open source Muser software released!

After nearly a decade of work with many collaborators, Patek led the release of Muser software. This web-based software application allows universities to efficiently connect students with research projects using a largely automated platform with a fun and intuitive interface.  

We are excited to launch Muser in two forms.  

One form is freely available at Github or Drupal for universities that have their own IT infrastructure for supporting Drupal platforms.  

The other form is through SaaS (Software as a Service) which is a paid subscription service offered by Jay Beaton Consulting (JBC) who we worked closely with to develop this version of the software.  JBC is financially separate from Duke Muser and our Muser organization at Duke, but has agreed to donate a percentage of their subscription revenue to the student support programs at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology as part of JBC's commitment to access to research in academia.

Learn more about the history of Muser and its funders (National Science Foundation, Duke University, and UMass Amherst). 

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