Patek & Biewener publish Animal Locomotion book

Patek and Biewener have published an upper-level undergraduate and graduate level book about Animal Locomotion.  The book can be ordered from Oxford University Press, Amazon, or as an ebook

  • Provides complete, integrated coverage of nearly all modes of animal movement, emphasizing general principles in a clear and straightforward fashion
  • Incorporates background material on the biomechanics and physiology of nervous, skeletal, and muscular components
  • Adopts a renewed evolutionary approach to locomotion and includes new coverage of non-vertebrate animal locomotor systems

Animals have evolved remarkable biomechanical and physiological systems that enable their rich repertoire of motion. Animal Locomotion offers a fundamental understanding of animal movement through a broad comparative and integrative approach, including basic mathematics and physics, examination of new and enduring literature, consideration of classic and cutting-edge methods, and a strong emphasis on the core concepts that consistently ground the dizzying array of animal movements. Across scales and environments, this book integrates the biomechanics of animal movement with the physiology of animal energetics and the neural control of locomotion. 

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