Lab Manager/Technician position open

The Patek Lab in the Biology department at Duke University is searching for a full-time lab manager, starting late spring or early summer 2021. This is a supportive technical and administrative role for the Patek Lab’s research program in the areas of comparative biomechanics, evolution, and marine research. This position is suitable for individuals needing additional research experience before applying to graduate school or other further careers in research science.  It is not suitable as a single “gap year” for students continuing to medical school; a minimum of a two year commitment is required for pre-medical students. 

The position includes many of the following responsibilities, training, and research experience: 

  • Train, run, maintain, and organize staffing of aquarium system.

  • Care for research organisms. 

  • Receive training and then maintain, manage, and perform: high speed imaging, materials testing, digital data acquisition systems, 3D printers, microCT scanning, including 3D rendering and reconstruction.

  • Assist with ongoing research projects and grant writing, including data collection, analysis, figure generation, writing, and R coding.

  • Perform fieldwork at the Duke Marine Lab, including collecting specimens and coordinating research.

  • Maintain computers, data management systems, and coordinate with Duke’s IT.

  • Calibrate and maintain microbalance and other sensors/test systems.

  • Organize and schedule lab meetings.

  • Coordinate Dr. Patek’s schedule, the lab’s staffing schedule, and lab meetings.

  • Clean and organize lab rooms and facilities.

If you are interested in applying, please upload a cover letter detailing your specific interests in the job responsibilities and training, your interest in the research conducted by the Patek Lab, and include any relevance to your career goals. Include your CV/resume, unofficial transcript and the names/contact info for three references.  These materials should be submitted to Academic Jobs Online, Job number 17772.

The salary level begins at $35568 and will be adjusted upward in line with prior experience and training in the job responsibilities and research area.

Inquiries about the position should be sent to Prof. Patek.

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