• Dr. Sarah Longo led a large team paper about latch-mediated spring actuation (LaMSA) that sets the stage for a new generation of research on small, fast systems.  Longo, S. J., S. M. Cox, E. Azizi, M. Ilton, J. P. Olberding, R. St. Pierre, S. N. Patek.  2019.  Beyond power... Read More
  • The Patek Lab published a collaborative paper about legless leaping larvae found in gall midges.  The paper received a considerable amount of press coverage, including from NPR All Things Considered, Science News, and the New York Times.  The Journal of Experimental Biology also published... Read More
  • Lens of Time produced a new bioGraphic story about the biomechanics and engineering synthesis of trap-jaw ant strikes.  This is a product of a collaboration between the Patek Lab and engineer Prof. Zeynep Temel from Carnegie Mellon University and the Wood Lab at ... Read More
  • After nearly a decade of work with many collaborators, Patek led the release of Muser software. This web-based software application allows universities to efficiently connect students with research projects using a largely automated platform with a fun and intuitive interface.... Read More
  • Patek Lab former graduate student, Patrick Green, led a new paper that is both a featured paper and highlighted as JEB Editors' Choice for the latest issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology.   Green, P. A., M. J. McHenry, and S. N. Patek. 2019. Context-dependent scaling of... Read More
  • Patek Lab research was examined from the lens of superheroes in The Biology of Superheros Podcast.  Check it out!
  • Patek Lab Graduate Student Jacob Harrison was awarded a travel grant to support his field research on mantis shrimp. Congratulations, Jacob!
  • Former Patek Lab graduate student Patrick Green was awarded a Human Frontiers Postdoctoral Fellowship.  Congratulations, Patrick!
  • Patek Lab Graduate Student Jason Dinh was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to fund three years of his doctoral research and training.  Congratulations, Jason!
  • Lab manager Grace Farley was accepted to and will be attending Duke's MAT graduate program next year. Congratulations, Grace!
  • The new Muser website was launched and moved to a university-wide undergraduate research matching program.  Read more here.   
  • The application window for this position is now closed. AEOP High School Apprenticeship Program Opportunity – at Duke University in the Patek Lab (Biomechanics) Project Title: Impulsive biological performance in the natural environment Location: Patek Lab (, Durham,... Read More