• AEOP Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program – at Duke University in the Patek Lab (Biomechanics) Project Title: Impulsive biological performance in the natural environment Location: Patek Lab, Durham, North Carolina Stipend: $15/hour for 8-10 weeks/up to 300 hours, June - August... Read More
  • Graduating? Need a job before continuing to grad school in comparative biomechanics research? The Patek Lab in the Biology department at Duke University has an open position for a full-time lab manager/research associate position, starting early summer 2019. This position is approximately 50... Read More
  • The Patek Lab has published a Morphobank database of over 4000 photographs of mantis shrimp appendages and telsons from 89 taxa and 411 specimens.  The database is entitled "Comparative morphology of telsons and raptorial appendages in mantis shrimp".   This makes a large part of our... Read More
  • Dr. Sarah Longo was awarded the 2018 Outstanding Postdoc Award across all of Duke University - and was the first postdoc to receive this award from the Biology department in eight years. Duke published a writeup about the award which can be viewed here.    Dr. Longo is pictured with lab... Read More
  • We published a new paper in eLife that examines the intersection of physics and evolution, specifically in terms of the tempo and mode of evolution.  Muñoz, M. M., Yinan Hu, P. S. L. Anderson, S. N. Patek. 2018. Strong biomechanical relationships guide the tempo and mode of morphological... Read More
  • Jason Dinh, Duke undergrad and soon-to-be Ph.D. student in the Patek Lab, received the Rast Award for Comparative Organismal Biology.  Congratulations, Jason! Each year, only one student out of all of the Duke Biology undergrads receives this recognition for excellence in coursework or... Read More
  • Former Patek Lab manager Rachel Crane (now grad student at Stanford), former grad student Suzanne Cox (now postdoc at Penn State), former Duke undergrad Samantha Kisare (soon-to-be med student at UPenn) and Sheila Patek published a new paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology about mantis... Read More
  • Science News has published an engaging overview of animal contests, including a feature about Green and Patek's recent paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 
  • Patek and MURI team members have published a paper in the journal Science.  Duke wrote a release in Duke Today, describing some of the findings of the study.  Wired Magazine wrote an engaging popular piece about the paper.  Ilton, M., Bhamla, M.S., Ma, X., Cox, S.M., Fitchett,... Read More
  • Patek and Biewener have published an upper-level undergraduate and graduate level book about Animal Locomotion.  The book can be ordered from Oxford University Press, Amazon, or as an ebook.  Provides complete, integrated coverage of nearly all modes of animal... Read More
  • Patek Lab graduate student, Patrick Green, is awarded the Dean's Mentorship Award for 2018.  Congratulations, Patrick!
  • Former Patek Lab graduate student, Dr. Michael Rosario, accepts a tenure-track position at West Chester University.  Congratulations, Michael!