• Martha Muñoz, a postdoc in the Patek Lab, has been awarded the prestigious Jasper Loftus-Hills Young Investigator Award from the American Society of Naturalists. This award recognizes outstanding research by investigators who received their doctorates in the three years preceding the application... Read More
  • The Patek Lab has been awarded a grant to fund a high school student summer fellowship and undergraduate summer fellowship for the summer of 2017.  Please apply!  Choose "Duke University" as the site of interest. 
  • Led by Patek Lab Postdoc Martha Muñoz, our new paper examines the effects of physics on the rates of evolutionary change and is entitled, "Mechanical sensitivity and the dynamics of evolutionary rate shifts in biomechanical systems". Abstract: The influence of biophysical relationships on rates of... Read More
  • Rachel Crane was awarded the Best Student Presentation award at the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology conference.  Congratulations, Rachel!
  • KQED Science produced a new Deep Look story and video about the visual and prey capture capabilities of mantis shrimp, along with the relevance to new cancer-detection technologies.  
  • The outcome of a wide-ranging collaboration, Patek Lab members published a featured paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology about the comparative hydrodynamics of mantis shrimp strikes.  This study examined the morphological and kinematic tradeoffs of fast and ultrafast motion... Read More
  • Patek Lab graduate student Michael Rosario (now a postdoc at Brown), led a new paper published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  This paper examines the dynamics of muscles and springs, specifically contrasting the most effective spring properties during the slow preparation of... Read More
  • Congratulations to Suzanne Cox, who successfully defended her dissertation in June.  We are so proud of Dr. Cox and her many achievements during graduate school.  This summer, she will start a postdoc at Penn State University in Jonas Rubenson's lab.  
  • Brooke Sauer (left) is a high school science teacher at the Durham School of the Arts.  She is funded by our National Science Foundation CAREER Award's Research Experience for Teachers program.  Brooke is working on curriculum development through hands-on evolutionary principles modules.... Read More
  • PBS Newshour broadcast a commentary by Patek about the importance of discovery science in the context of congressional budget criticisms of basic research.   For invertebrate biology fans, please note that the "seaslug" shown in the commentary slideshow is actually a sea cucumber (... Read More
  • Jeff LaCosse, a local Jordan High School teacher and a 2015 NSF Research Experience for Teachers fellow in the Patek lab published a paper with Patek lab postdoc Phil Anderson and NCSU engineer Mark Pankow.  This project, funded by Patek's NSF CAREER award, examined the scaling of puncture.... Read More
  • Duke Undergraduate Dani Smith, Patek Lab postdoc Phil Anderson (now at U. Illinois) and Patek published a paper appearing in the journal Evolution and Development.  Anderson PSL, Smith DC, Patek SN. 2016. Competing influences on morphological modularity in biomechanical systems: a case study... Read More