• PBS Newshour broadcast a commentary by Patek about the importance of discovery science in the context of congressional budget criticisms of basic research.   For invertebrate biology fans, please note that the "seaslug" shown in the commentary slideshow is actually a sea cucumber (... Read More
  • Jeff LaCosse, a local Jordan High School teacher and a 2015 NSF Research Experience for Teachers fellow in the Patek lab published a paper with Patek lab postdoc Phil Anderson and NCSU engineer Mark Pankow.  This project, funded by Patek's NSF CAREER award, examined the scaling of puncture.... Read More
  • Duke Undergraduate Dani Smith, Patek Lab postdoc Phil Anderson (now at U. Illinois) and Patek published a paper appearing in the journal Evolution and Development.  Anderson PSL, Smith DC, Patek SN. 2016. Competing influences on morphological modularity in biomechanical systems: a case study... Read More
  • Jeff LaCosse, a physics high school teacher at Jordan High School, was a Patek lab member during the summer of 2015.  He was funded by a NSF Research Experience for Teachers fellowship via a NSF CAREER Award.  His rocketry team made it all the way to the White House Science Fair where... Read More
  • This position has been FILLED. The Patek Lab in the Biology Department at Duke has an undergraduate research position available during the summer of 2016.  The project will examine fast, impulsive movements of animals in the natural environment. Some focal systems for the project are catapult... Read More
  • Patek lab postdoc Dr. Katsushi Kagaya and Prof. Patek published a new paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology about the control of movements that are so fast that they can't be controlled by real-time neural feedback.  The study focused on the ultrafast smashing strikes of mantis shrimp... Read More
  • The Patek Lab in the Biology Department at Duke University is hosting a NSF-funded Research Experience for Teachers position during the summer of 2016.  The teacher will be directly involved in research examining the evolution of the ultrafast mantis shrimp feeding strikes and sensory... Read More
  • The Patek Lab  is recruiting one high school and one undergraduate student researcher through the US Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) during the summer of 2016. The students will participate in projects examining fast, impulsive movements of animals in the natural environment. The... Read More
  • A new era begins in the Patek Lab!  Michael Rosario passed his defense and completed all of his requirements for his PhD.  He heads to Tom Roberts' lab at Brown University for his NSF-funded postdoctoral fellowship.  Congratulations, Dr. Mike! Phl Anderson wrapped up his... Read More
  • Patek Lab graduate student Patrick Green led a new paper published in Biology Letters about fighting in mantis shrimp.   The exciting findings about sparring in these animals were also highlighted in multiple news outlets, including Wired, Science/AAAS, The Atlantic, Live Science and Duke... Read More
  • For the next 3-5 years, Patek will be leading a $6.2 million grant from the Army Research Office on the topic of impulsive systems.  The full team convened for the first time, including collaborators from Harvard (Rob Wood), UMass Amherst (Al Crosby), Stanford (Manu Prakash), UC Irvine (Manny... Read More
  • MUSER (Matching Undergraduates to Science and Engineering Research) was unveiled this semester as an upgrade to last year's biology-focused undergraduate research-matching website.  Duke Chronicle wrote an article about the new program which is funded by Patek's NSF CAREER award.