• Sheila Patek is awarded a Guggenheim fellowship for a year-long sabbatical in 2015-2016 to examine the evolutionary mechanics of extreme movements.
  • Patek Lab Manager Rachel Crane is awarded a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and is headed to Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Laboratory for graduate school in fall 2015!
  • The Patek Lab ( is looking for an undergraduate work-study student to assist for at least 5 hours/week with regular aquarium maintenance, animal care, and ongoing research over the summer. The student must be eligible for work-study and is expected to work for at least 3 hours... Read More
  • (This position has been filled.) The Patek Lab in the Biology Department at Duke University is hosting a NSF-funded Research Experience for Teachers position during the summer of 2015.  The teacher will be directly involved in research examining the evolution and biomechanics of the... Read More
  • Postdoc Phil Anderson and Prof. Patek published a new paper appearing in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  This paper probes the interface between physics and evolution by examining the mechanics and evolutionary history of the mantis shrimp's four-bar linkage system.  Mechanical... Read More
  • (This position has been filled.) The Patek Lab is conducting a search for a laboratory manager to assist in all aspects of laboratory experiments and day-to-day operations.  This position is especially well-suited to graduating or recently-graduate college students who wish to expand on their... Read More
  • Post-doctoral Scientist in Integrative Organismal Biology A postdoctoral position is available in the Patek laboratory at Duke University to examine the evolution and biomechanics of fast biological movements across the tree of life.  Our integrative and comparative research program... Read More
  • Patek Lab postdoc, Dr. Katsushi Kagaya, will begin a Hakubi Project fellowship this spring.  This is a prestigious 5-year fellowship that places young researchers in their own labs for independent research.  Congratulations, Dr. Kagaya!
  • The Perspective, entitled "Biomimetics and Evolution", examines the key connections between evolutionary analysis, biomechanics and biomimetics.   Go to this page to access links to the full text, summary and reprint of the article.
  • We have founded the new Physical Biology of Organisms consortium  with a website and starter funding from Duke University for events throughout this year.  Check out our website for news and initiatives.
  • Prof. Patek and undergraduate Qian Wang have launched a new program at Duke called CUBR: Connecting Undergraduates to Biology Research.  Check it out!  
  • Patek lab Postdoc Phil Anderson led a new paper about the mechanical evolution of linked systems in mantis shrimp.  Published online at the journal Evolution, this paper paves the way for examining how linked biomechanical systems co-evolve. Title: Levers and linkages: mechanical trade-offs... Read More