As one of the guiding principles of this laboratory, we put substantial effort into communicating our findings to the general public.  We do this in a number of ways, including outreach lectures and activities, working with the press, and involving students and schools in our research.  Here are a few examples.

A few example outreach activities that have been posted online:

Prof. Patek's TED Talk

PBS Newshour broadcast a commentary by Patek about the importance of discovery science in the context of congressional budget criticisms of basic research.

Undergraduate research apprenticeship program founded by Patek

Another research apprenticeship program founded by Patek!

Graduate student Maya deVries' audio slideshow about Patek Lab fieldwork

An audio slideshow about Janice St. Pierre's NSF-funded Research Experience for Teachers in the Patek Lab

Patek contributed to an outreach video about fast movements as a component of the Iridescent Learning initiative.

Patek delivered UMass Honors Lecture about her research with connections to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.

Outreach activities:

Patek Lab undergraduate Marco Mendoza Blanco (far left) and graduate student Maya deVries (third from left)

We have participated in many on and off-campus outreach activities. For example, Patek Lab graduate student Maya deVries spearheaded an outreach table about the evolution of mantis shrimp, including a poster, live animals and other displays. 


The photo on the right shows: Patek Lab undergraduate Marco Mendoza Blanco (far left) and graduate student Maya deVries (third from left).





Working with the Press:

We do considerable work with the press, including radio (e.g., National Public Radio, BBC Radio, CBC Radio), TV (e.g., Discovery Channel, BBC TV, History Channel, National Geographic) and print media (e.g., New York Times, USA Today, London Daily Telegraph, Popular Science magazine) and many children's magazines (e.g., Ranger Rick, Highlights for Children, etc.).