Off to sea, French Polynesia
Dr. Claverie Gives Outreach Lecture
Field work in French Polynesia
Team Diver at Moorea Gump Research Station
Spiny lobster molt skin
Deploying a passive acoustics device for mantis shrimp sound study
Scientific diving on the forereef in French Polynesia
Returning to the boat after a day of work
Off to work, Lizard Island, Australia
Scientific diving on the sand flats in French Polynesia

The primary goal of the research in Patek laboratory is to examine the dynamic interplay between evolutionary processes and basic physics. We address this issue in two broad systems, evolutionary physiology of communication in the sea, and the evolutionary dynamics of fast animal movements, with most projects focusing on arthropods. Our tools range from high speed videography and acoustics to phylogenetics and physiology. Click Here To Read More


  • The Perspective, entitled "Biomimetics and Evolution", examines the key connections between evolutionary analysis, biomechanics and biomimetics.   Go to this page to access links to the full text, summary and reprint of the article.
  • We have founded the new Physical Biology of Organisms consortium  with a website and starter funding from Duke University for events throughout this year.  Check out our website for news and initiatives.
  • Prof. Patek and undergraduate Qian Wang have launched a new program at Duke called CUBR: Connecting Undergraduates to Biology Research.  Check it out!  
  • Patek lab Postdoc Phil Anderson led a new paper about the mechanical evolution of linked systems in mantis shrimp.  Published online at the journal Evolution, this paper paves the way for examining how linked biomechanical systems co-evolve. Title: Levers and linkages: mechanical trade-offs... Read More