Team Diver at Moorea Gump Research Station
Dr. Claverie Gives Outreach Lecture
Searching for mantis shrimp in North Carolina
Coconut Beach - Lizard Island, Australia
Spiny lobster molt skin
Field work in French Polynesia
Scientific diving on the forereef in French Polynesia
Off to sea, French Polynesia
Off to work, Lizard Island, Australia
Deploying a passive acoustics device for mantis shrimp sound study

The primary goal of research in the Patek laboratory is to examine the dynamic interplay between evolutionary processes and physics. We address this issue in two broad systems - evolutionary physiology of communication in the sea and the evolutionary dynamics of fast animal movements - with most projects focusing on arthropods. Our tools range from high speed videography and acoustics to phylogenetics and physiology. Click Here To Read More


  • The Patek Lab and colleagues have published a paper in Current Biology that establishes amphipods as an extraordinary system for their ability to produce one of the fastest, smallest, repeated-use movements yet discovered.  Learn about the "behind the scenes" story of this study here. Read... Read More
  • Graduating? Need a job before continuing to graduate school for scientific research?  The Patek Lab in the Biology department at Duke University has an open position for a full-time lab manager/research associate position, starting spring/early summer 2021. This is a supportive technical... Read More
  • The Rachel Carson Scholars Program provides Duke University undergraduate students with direct research experience in marine science and conservation. Named in honor of Rachel Carson—a marine biologist, author, and conservationist whose work advanced the global environmental movement—scholars will... Read More
  • Join an interdisciplinary team examining the evolution and scaling of muscle and elastic systems. Based at the Patek Lab in the Biology department at Duke University, and collaborating closely with the Physics of Soft Matter Lab in the Physics Department at Harvey Mudd College, the broad goal of... Read More