Field work in French Polynesia
Off to sea, French Polynesia
Dr. Claverie Gives Outreach Lecture
Scientific diving on the sand flats in French Polynesia
Off to work, Lizard Island, Australia
Mantis shrimp habitat in Panama
Rachel Crane works at Argonne National Lab's Advanced Photon Sourc
Deploying a passive acoustics device for mantis shrimp sound study
Coconut Beach - Lizard Island, Australia
Team Diver at Moorea Gump Research Station

The primary goal of research in the Patek laboratory is to examine the dynamic interplay between evolutionary processes and physics. We address this issue in two broad systems - evolutionary physiology of communication in the sea and the evolutionary dynamics of fast animal movements - with most projects focusing on arthropods. Our tools range from high speed videography and acoustics to phylogenetics and physiology. Click Here To Read More


  • Postdoctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Biomechanics The Patek Lab at Duke University seeks the unifying principles that guide, limit and promote the evolutionary diversity of biomechanical systems. Our research yields discoveries of new biological phenomena, original tests of macroevolutionary... Read More
  • Prof. Patek was selected as a Bass Fellow and awarded the Mrs. Alexander Heymeyer Professorship.   The Bass Fellows program recognizes Duke faculty members who achieve "true excellence in both research and teaching, and are good university citizens". Duke's Office of Undergraduate Education... Read More
  • POSTDOCTORAL JOB OPENING: Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Researcher in Comparative Biomechanics The Patek Lab at Duke University leads a five-university interdisciplinary research team devoted to establishing the principles of extremely fast movement in small systems.  Grounded in the... Read More
  • Patek lab postdoc, Dr. Sarah Longo, will begin a Visiting Assistant Professor position at Towson University in Fall 2020. She will teach some of the courses that inspired her to pursue a career in higher education: Introduction to Ecology and Evolution and Evolution.